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Coro Valle dei Laghi

Introducing the Choir

In the 60s, a local committee founded the "Valle dei Laghi (Valley of Lakes) Association", with the purpose of involving all the businesses and associations in the area, instilling it with a community spirit and sense of belonging.

In 1972, the Valle dei Laghi Choir was born in Padergnone on the wave of enthusiasm for this project, consolidating in the first legendary “Folk Week”, which expressed and represented the culture of the whole valley.

The Valle dei Laghi starts in Terlago and extends to Riva, embracing the territory that goes from Lake Garda to the Paganella Mountain, including the last stretch of the river Sarca that skirts the southernmost slopes of the Brenta Dolomites.

The valley is rich in lakes, the most renowned of which is Lake Toblino, and its castle has become the symbol of the area, characterised also by its special climate because of the Ora, the distinctive breeze that rises from Lake Garda.

The Ora blows along the valley every day and creates the ideal conditions for a typical Mediterranean vegetation to spring up spontaneously, with holm oaks and strawberry trees. Thanks to the Ora, olive trees can grow in the northernmost part of Europe, and Nosiola grapes can be dried and be pressed during Holy Week in order to produce the famous, vintage Holy Wine.

The Ora unites the entire valley with its breath, opens the doors to new harmonies, blends them together with traditional Trentino songs, inspiring people to a whole new way of singing folk songs.

And just as the Ora passes by, stirring up leaves, singing makes something vibrate inside us that arouses sentiments, “EMOTIONS”.

This is the Valle dei Laghi Choir, conducted by Maestro Paolo Chiusole.